Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy In San Diego

Bioidentical hormone remedy is turning into a greater famous choice to normal hormone replacement. Traditional hormone alternative remedy frequently comes with facet consequences such as bloating, feeling foggy or fatigued, weight gain, hair loss, breast swelling or tenderness, altered menstrual cycles, and more. There is additionally a developing physique of lookup displaying that some common hormone replacements can also extend chance of positive cancers. This has led to extra and greater men and women to are seeking a greater herbal substitute for hormone therapy.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone remedy is hormone alternative the use of hormones molecularly equal to these determined in the body. These hormones are synthesized varieties of chemical compounds discovered in positive plants. The physique acknowledges and makes use of these hormones in the identical way it does the hormones it synthesizes itself.

Bioidentical hormone remedy is occasionally inadvertently referred to as “natural hormone therapy,” however this can be a difficult way to describe it due to the fact the synthetization required to create the molecularly-identical hormone makes the shape substantially specific than the chemical at the beginning harvested from the plant, making it no longer “natural.” In addition, many different artificial hormone replacements come from comparable herbal sources (such as flowers or animals) as bioidentical hormones. Therefore, the fine description of bioidentical hormone remedy is the use of hormones synthesized to be molecularly same to these observed in the human body.